Friday, January 1, 2010

This must be it, welcome to the New Year.

A Little New Years Playlist for all of you: Sweet Jams about New Years and songs to inspire your 2010.

click on the image to view!

24 songs to be the background music for the most epic adventures yet to come.
[and no. I couldnt make an entire playlist without at least one song by Brand New ;)]

Last Night I came home from my party and kissed Tubbs after midnight. She was my New Year's Kiss this year. :)

Last Night's "New Years Eve Photobooth" was a really fun success! Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to Travis at the Jet Loft for being such a great host, and kicking off the New Year right!

This morning I sat down and wrote my list of Resolutions:
  • Get Where I am going
  • Learn to Craft More!
  • Do more fun things
  • Do more things for me
  • Work Faster
  • Avoid Negatives
  • Make Life what I want it to be
I have lots of photos to sort through from last night, and two EP's to make this week! 2010 is going to be a good year, filled with many adventures and lots of new starts.

Happy New Year, Everyone!